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We support you in the design, planning and introduction of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

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M365 or Google Workspace as a collaboration software solution

Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are solutions for companies to work more efficiently and effectively by improving collaboration and increasing productivity through the use of modern tools and services in the company. We support you in the design, planning and implementation of these worlds.

The way we communicate with each other has changed dramatically in recent years. Mobile working is now at the forefront and working from home is unthinkable without it. This makes it all the more important that communication within the company is up to date and that all employees can participate.

A communication system in which information, documents and processes can be exchanged is essential for business success.

Functions and advantages of a collaboration tool

  • Instant messaging: Instant messaging allows employees to communicate with each other in real time and share information quickly.
  • Video and audio conferencing: Collaboration tools allow teams to hold virtual meetings and share information over long distances.
  • File sharing and document management: The ability to easily share and collaborate on files makes it easier to work together on projects.
  • Task and project management: Collaboration tools allow tasks and projects to be organized and managed as a team.
  • Integration of other tools and platforms: Modern communication tools can be seamlessly integrated with other tools and platforms to optimize workflow.

Collaboration Services

We accompany you all the way to the new solution. From analysis and planning to license procurement, installation of the new environment and migration, including the coexistence phase and final removal of the old environment.

Ensuring the security of collaboration tools

We understand the increasing importance of collaboration platforms for businesses and recognize the challenges that come with securing them. Our top priority is therefore to provide you with comprehensive security solutions that meet your specific requirements. We take a holistic approach that includes implementing robust security policies, selecting appropriate collaboration platforms and training employees.

Our aim is to help our customers realize the full benefits of collaboration tools without compromising on security. We work closely with you to develop customized security solutions that meet your unique requirements while enabling secure and effective collaboration. Learn more

Managed services for messaging environments

As part of our managed services, we see ourselves not only as a reliable service provider for the technical operation of your messaging solution or the support of your employees, but also as a long-term partner at eye level. Together with you, we continuously improve operating processes and develop innovative solutions for new requirements and extended tasks. We keep your systems up to date and carry out migrations or major updates in your environment for you.

In small or large environments, as a proof of concept or a productive implementation - we create added value for you quickly with tried-and-tested modules. Our certified team and our strategic partnerships with manufacturers help you to solve diverse and complex requirements quickly. These include, for example, the mobilization or digitalization of your business processes, a change in the number of users due to carve-in/out or internal restructuring.

We operate messaging solutions for you from well-known manufacturers such as Microsoft, Google, Fortinet or Mailborder and other 3rd party providers that are used in a messaging and conferencing environment, regardless of the size of your company. Of course, we also provide you with experts to develop strategies for service improvement or to take over 2nd/3rd level support and guide you successfully through the transition.

Are you in the process of restructuring your environment or do you need to update to a new release? Would you like to outsource the service so that you can take care of your company’s key issues? Let us define your requirements together in a workshop.

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Jens is an expert in the field of device management and Modern Workplace. Whether it’s iOS, Android, Windows or macOS, you are in the best hands with Jens if you have any questions.

Jens Reichardt