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Network Services

Our network services include a variety of functions and applications that ensure your networks run efficiently and securely.

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Server-Racks, elektrische Kabel und Drähte | SPIRIT/21

The right network concept

SPIRIT/21 is at your side from conception to operation when it comes to networking. With over 25 years of experience, we can support you from A to Z, or just in individual fields or projects - depending on your requirements.

The initial analysis focuses on scalability, security and reliability of your network infrastructure. We align the architecture to this, regardless of whether you are at home in the cloud, have your network traditionally in an on premises environment or choose a hybrid strategy. We will be happy to advise you on the advantages of the individual worlds and find the scenario that best meets your needs.

Managed Network Services - operations in good hands

Just like your company, your IT infrastructure should adapt to the current situation and function smoothly. Our team supports you in the management and monitoring of your network so that it runs perfectly. Maintenance and support tasks are also in the best hands with us; numerous customers rely on the well-organized structures of SPIRIT/21. Learn more

Security as a building block of network management

Common security threats to networks and the challenges of defending against them are one of the most important building blocks of network management. With established strategies and best practices, we guarantee your network security and ensure compliance with relevant security standards and compliance requirements for networks. Learn more

Secure and efficient business partner connectivity

Establishing robust connections to business partners via secure network services is critical for many companies to improve collaboration, streamline operations and drive sustainable growth through effective partnerships. We analyze your business requirements and connect your business partners to your network. Where possible, appropriate and desired, we draw on existing partner programs and ecosystems so that you can work together better, more easily and more securely.

Application delivery controller and application services

Application delivery controllers (ADCs) are not only used for load balancing, i.e. classic load balancing in networks. By caching and compressing content, they also accelerate data delivery from servers to clients and increase transmission speeds by reducing the network load. In addition, modern ADCs also reduce the load on servers in the area of encryption and decryption. They support web application firewalling, rate shaping, dynamic site acceleration (DSA) and front-end optimization (FEO) to improve application performance.

As a specialist in network services, we help you to ensure better performance, security and availability of your applications by using application delivery controllers. Data traffic is managed efficiently, the load is distributed evenly and various optimization techniques are used.

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Team SPIRIT/21

The SPIRIT/21 team will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your IT tasks, from consulting and implementation to the operation of individual services and complete IT infrastructures. We deliver solutions that work. We look forward to hearing from you.

Team SPIRIT/21