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IT Security

With the ever-increasing number of cyberattacks, it is essential to implement strong IT security measures. Protect your customer and company data sustainably.

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The importance of IT security

IT security is more than just a buzzword or a trend. It has become the essential foundation for every modern company. The spectacular cases of recent years have ensured that no organization can avoid dealing with this topic. SPIRIT/21 is also your partner in this area. We will be happy to advise you on the implementation of modern security concepts and support you in the implementation of requirements such as BSI basic protection or ISO 27001 certification.

Zero Trust: More than a technology

Zero Trust is a modern security concept that assumes that neither internal nor external networks should be considered trustworthy. Instead, every access attempt is thoroughly checked and, if necessary, authorized, regardless of systems or resource types, users or sources. This control takes place continuously. It is not a pure technology solution, but a multi-dimensional framework. The Zero Trust approach aims to prevent data leaks and strengthen security in digital environments. The implementation of Zero Trust is on the rise in all industries, as the concept offers a variety of benefits, such as dynamic risk assessment, improved risk management, cost savings and business agility. In return, however, Zero Trust requires ongoing collaboration between business departments and IT security managers.

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Focus on IT security for Apple device management with Jamf

Jamf is a leading IT management solutions company that specializes in providing tools for Apple device management. In addition to comprehensive device management and configuration, Jamf has a strong focus on IT security. The company offers a range of security features and policies that enable IT administrators to effectively ensure the security of Apple devices on their networks:

  • Password policy enforcement
  • Encryption of data
  • Management of app permissions
  • Implementation of security patches

The cooperation with Jamf enables us to offer our customers first-class solutions in the field of Apple device management and IT security. Learn more

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Justin Taylor

IS Business Development

Justin has been in leading roles in IT outsourcing and managed services since 1991. He will be happy to answer any questions you may have on these topics.

Justin Taylor