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Cloud services

No two cloud environments are the same, so there is no one solution for all clouds. We support you in finding the best solution for your individual requirements.

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Business optimisation through cloud services: Efficient and scalable IT solutions

From cloud services strategy to seamless implementation

Our approach starts with the development of cloud services business models and strategies that are customised to your individual requirements. We create robust business plans that lay the foundation for the success of your cloud initiatives. Through precise process modelling, we ensure that your cloud strategy not only works on paper, but can also be implemented in reality. We optimise your internal processes to ensure seamless integration of cloud services.

From architecture planning to a customised cloud solution

Our IT consulting experts bridge the gap between your business architecture and the right cloud services. We design a customised cloud solution that meets your specific requirements and advances your business goals.

From implementation to smooth cloud integration

We specialise in integrating cloud services into your existing IT infrastructure. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition and enable you to operate your cloud solution efficiently.

From modern cloud infrastructure to optimised operation

By continuously optimising your cloud operations and implementing cost-saving strategies, we help you to exploit the full potential of your cloud services. We ensure efficient utilisation of your resources and maximum added value from your cloud infrastructure.

With speed into the cloud

SPIRIT/21 and COMPUTERWOCHE Research Services present the latest Cloud Transformation 2024 study.

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On a tour of discovery in the CloudCity

Migrating business processes, applications and infrastructures to the cloud is no trivial matter. To illustrate the complexity of this process, we use the analogy of a city.

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The 5 key areas for business success with cloud services

Hans-Georg Meyer

Teamleiter Cloud Services

Hans is an experienced cloud services team lead with a deep understanding of the technology and its application in various enterprise environments.

Hans-Georg Meyer