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Storage Services

We ensure that your data is stored securely and cost-effectively and can be accessed by you at any time - in our data center, in your systems or in the cloud.

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Optimal data security

The benefits of modern backup services

Even conservative studies say that the annual growth of data in a company is around 30 percent. How can such growing volumes of data be stored securely and managed cost-effectively? SPIRIT/21’s storage services offer a future-proof solution. Because new, intelligent storage systems in conjunction with cloud solutions are far more than just a collection of hard disks. Optimally configured and operated by experienced administrators, they provide the data as it is needed. This creates security and reduces costs.

Storage solutions: Perfectly configured, kept up to date and maintained

The ideal configuration of your storage system depends on the specific requirements and intended use. There are various best practices and configuration options that can be selected depending on your individual needs. Our experts will provide you with competent advice and ensure that your systems run smoothly and are always up to date. So you are safe and yet cost-effective.

From storage design to operation

The specialists at SPIRIT/21 analyze your requirements and develop a perfectly tailored storage concept. We implement an optimal storage solution for you according to your wishes. We are happy to migrate your data from your legacy systems and also take over the operation of your storage solution.

Your data in the best hands

Our team has years of experience in implementing storage solutions, storage services and storage systems from leading vendors such as Brocade, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM and NetApp.

Dual data center: uninterrupted and high-performance

Our level-3 certified data center near Karlsruhe enables us to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your infrastructure and applications around the clock. The data center’s modern connection guarantees high-performance and secure connectivity.
The SPIRIT/21 portfolio offers our customers a wide range of service modules that are tailored precisely to your needs by our architects and technical experts. We routinely use modern open source automation to maximize the performance and quality of the services provided.

The availability and resilience of IT infrastructure and the associated application environment plays an increasingly important role in competitiveness and commercial success. We offer high-performance solutions, secure investments and efficient operational control based on the latest technologies.

Service Scope:

  • Infrastructure and Application 24/7
  • Data Centre connectivity via MPLS, DSL/VPN, SDWAN
  • Availability of high-performance Internet connectivity with resilient firewall-protection

Our certifications in the area of storage services:

  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • SAP Hosting Services
  • SAP Cloud Operations
  • SAP HANA Operations
  • Tier III Classification

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Wilfried Eichenauer

Teamleiter Big Data, Storage & Backup

Wilfried is our expert for all topics relating to data collection, backup and analysis. Feel free to contact him if you have any questions on this topic.

Wilfried Eichenauer