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Our individual consulting services support you in the design, implementation and optimization of your IT systems and processes.

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IT consulting: independent, experienced and reliable

Especially for customers who are outsourcing IT services to external providers for the first time, it can be a valuable support to have a third party on board who knows exactly what is possible and what makes sense. The SPIRIT/21 consulting teams and solution architects will help you prepare for outsourcing or contracting out services. The support covers everything from analyzing the current situation to the precise design of future services - whether in the cloud, a hybrid environment or on premises.

Customers who already have experience with managed service providers can use our architects to examine the current setup and identify ways to guarantee more cost-effective and stable functionality of all services.

Consulting and strategy development

Our team offers you customized IT strategy consulting that is precisely tailored to your business goals. We cover a broad spectrum, with a focus on consulting on IT process optimization, software development, infrastructure management, data analytics and IT security solutions. With an objective and vendor-independent approach, we analyze your existing IT systems and processes. Together, we develop strategies to make your IT landscape efficient and integrate it seamlessly into your business model. Our aim is to ensure that your IT infrastructure not only meets your current requirements, but also supports future growth opportunities.

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Conception and analysis

A central component of our consulting services at SPIRIT/21 is the comprehensive analysis of your existing IT systems and processes. Based on these analyses, we develop concepts for the introduction of new IT systems and applications or for the optimization of existing systems. We take your current IT infrastructure into account and analyze your business objectives to ensure that our IT solutions fully meet your requirements.

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Migration planning

It is important that a migration runs as smoothly and unobtrusively as possible. A smooth transition to the new technology, such as migrating your systems to the cloud or to the SPIRIT/21 data center, takes place without disrupting your day-to-day business. This is what Business-Trans-IT, a migration process developed by SPIRIT/21 and based on the experience gained from many migrations in recent years, stands for. We use modern technologies to implement the Business Trans-IT methodology without having to create highly complex infrastructures. But we don’t just focus on migrations to the cloud and in the cloud. Our core competencies also include hardware migrations, data migrations and application and operating system migrations.

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With the help of assessments tailored precisely to your use case, we evaluate your IT infrastructure and draw up proposals for improving it. This serves to evaluate the current status of individual processes and topics, uncover weaknesses, make recommendations for improvement and review security measures.

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User Experience & Change Management

Digitization projects are often complex and not always easy to pull off. They often entail far-reaching changes - for the structures and processes of your organization and the employees in the company. If you are looking for professional change management advice to help you adapt processes or structures in your organization due to digitalization, to work more efficiently and to change together with your employees in terms of their skills and working methods, then you will benefit from our experience. So that digitization projects can be successfully implemented both technically and personally!

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Thomas Strigel

Business Development Managed Solutions und Consulting, SPIRIT/21

Thomas is an all-rounder when it comes to managed services and cloud solutions. He always has an open ear for your questions and suggestions.

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