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Our Partners

We make targeted use of our partners’ technologies and combine them with our own expertise to create individual added value for our customers. With our multi-partner strategy, we ensure manufacturer independence and always have the right solution for our customers.

We aim to continuously develop strategic partnerships. This way, we ensure that all our projects benefit from new technologies and comprehensive, certified expertise.

Strategic partners

Logo Jamf | SPIRIT/21
Logo Microsoft | SPIRIT/21
Logo Nexthink | SPIRIT/21

Technology partner

Logo Audiocodes | SPIRIT/21
Logo Cisco | SPIRIT/21
Logo Citrix | SPIRIT/21
Logo CloudCheckr | SPIRIT/21
Logo F5 | SPIRIT/21
Logo Fortinet | SPIRIT/21
Logo Genua | SPIRIT/21
Logo NetApp | SPIRIT/21
Logo Nutanix | SPIRIT/21
Logo Quest | SPIRIT/21
Logo Trend Micro | SPIRIT/21
Logo Veeam | SPIRIT/21
Logo Watchguard | SPIRIT/21

Jennifer Bach

Portfolio- und Partnermanagement

In her dual role in portfolio and partner management, Jennifer has a holistic view of SPIRIT/21’s services and juggles new ideas, exciting partners and projects.

Jennifer Bach