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About SPIRIT/21

We use innovative technologies to meet the diverse IT needs of our customers, promote innovation and offer our employees an inspiring working atmosphere.

SPIRIT/21 Hauptsitz in Böblingen Hulb von außen

Our promise: IT that works.

Our commitment to quality and efficiency is deeply rooted in our DNA and dates back to our beginnings 25 years ago. In addition to providing high-quality IT solutions, we place a particular emphasis on expertise and reliability. These values permeate our entire portfolio, from business solutions to technology solutions and smart workplace solutions.
With a dedicated team of highly qualified experts, we strive to understand your IT challenges and provide customized solutions. By building partnerships based on trust, transparency and continuous innovation, we strive to successfully support and advance your business.

In the midst of markets that are characterized by innovation, ideas and creative solutions, SPIRIT/21 attaches particular importance to a culture of freedom. Our company is designed by people for people. We create an environment that offers space for the development of ideas and the consideration of individual personalities.

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As a medium-sized IT company, we rely on short decision-making processes, open doors and pragmatic methods. We are constantly evolving and benefit from our many years of experience.

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Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 36, 71034 Böblingen (Google Maps)

Our headquarters in Böblingen has been located in the Böblingen-Sindelfingen software center for many years and is therefore at the heart of the IT region of southwest Germany.

SPIRIT/21 Hauptsitz in Böblingen Hulb von außen


Stahlstraße 42-44, 65428 Rüsselsheim am Main (Google Maps)

SPIRIT/21 Standort in Rüsselsheim aus der Vogelperspektive | SPIRIT/21


Hardenbergstraße 32, 10623 Berlin (Google Maps)

SPIRIT/21 Standort in Berlin aus der Vogelperspektive


Hugo-Junkers-Ring 1, Gebäude 109/N, 01109 Dresden (Google Maps)

SPIRIT/21 Standort in Dresden aus der Vogelperspektive


Hansaallee 321/Gebäude 30, 40549 Düsseldorf (Google Maps)

SPIRIT/21 Standort in Düsseldorf aus der Vogelperspektive


Karl-Imhoff-Weg 7, 30165 Hannover (Google Maps)

SPIRIT/21 Standort in Hannover aus der Vogelperspektive


Mainbergerstraße 36, 97422 Schweinfurt (Google Maps)

SPIRIT/21 Standort in Schweinfurt aus der Vogelperspektive | SPIRIT/21

Vienna (AU)

Richard-Neutra-Gasse 10, 1210 Wien, Österreich (Google Maps)

SPIRIT/21 Standort in Wien aus der Vogelperspektive  | SPIRIT/21

Zurich (CH)

Aeschbachweg 12 5000 Aarau, Schweiz (Google Maps)

About SPIRIT/21 IT Service AG

SPIRIT/21 Standort in Zürich aus der Vogelperspektive | SPIRIT/21

A startup grows up

The milestones

The Founding | 1998 - 2004

The company’s history begins in December 1998. After around 30 years with IBM, Siegfried Althaus and Heinz-Günter Gärtner were prompted by an early retirement offer to set up their own company. At the time, both were involved in the highly focused Services division and knew the market quite well. What they had successfully practiced at Big Blue - IBM - they wanted to implement in their new company. And the business idea was a hit.

The expansion I 2005 - 2013

Growth in all directions, but not at any price, dominates the second phase of the company’s history. SPIRIT/21 multiplies the number of employees and opens locations in Germany and other German-speaking countries. The integration of individual specialists and entire teams not only further develops the corporate culture, but also diversifies the portfolio of services offered.
also diversifies. Two major pillars in the foundation are infrastructure and eBusiness, flanked by Application Services and Managed Services.

The transformation I 2014 - 2023

Developments in the economy and a look to the future suggest that the business model must evolve - as must the company organization and portfolio. SME customers and solutions will become more of a focus, while business as a subcontractor for large IT providers will be scaled back in a controlled manner. In addition to the co

Our management

The entire management of SPIRIT/21 GmbH pursues a common goal: to promote a corporate culture based on the core values of honesty, commitment and interpersonal connection. Matthias Hüttner, Joachim Gutheil and Andreas Weiss bring a wealth of experience and a deep passion to their respective areas of responsibility. Their collective focus is on customer orientation, continuous innovation and creating an environment that fosters both business success and personal development. Through their many years of expertise and commitment, the leadership team strives to be perceived not only as service providers, but also as partners to their clients.

Bild von Matthias Hüttner, CEO bei einer Präsentation. Auf dem Fernseher im Hintgerund steht "Es geht um das wir. SPIRIT/21 - IT that works". Rechts daneben sind Bilder von Joacim Gutheil (oben) und Andreas Weiss (unten) | SPIRIT/21
Matthias Hüttner, CEO; Joachim Gutheil, Managing Director | deputy CEO (above); Andreas Weiß, Managing Director (below)