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Unified Endpoint Management

Configuring end devices, providing them in compliance with guidelines and manage them securely - that’s Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) from SPIRIT/21.

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What is Unified Endpoint Management?

In an increasingly digitalized world, in which more and more business processes are being shifted to mobile devices and their apps, endpoint management is becoming more and more important.

UEM deals with the efficient configuration, policy-compliant provision and secure management of all end devices that process business data. This includes, for example, traditional workstations such as PCs and laptops, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as additional mobile devices such as printers, scanners and headsets.

Our endpoint management team manages all common platforms such as Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, and offers standardized management solutions for well-known manufacturers, e.g. Microsoft, MobileIron or Jamf - both on premises and in the cloud or hybrid.

Advantages of Unified Endpoint Management

  • High security standards: We use state-of-the-art security concepts and techniques to protect your endpoints from threats and secure sensitive data.
  • Best possible mobility: We support a wide range of end devices and operating systems to ensure maximum mobility and flexibility for your employees.
  • High degree of automation: By using the latest automation technologies, we minimize manual effort and optimize the efficiency of your endpoint management processes.

Mobile devices, apps and applications  

Mobile apps have become an important competitive factor. Companies are increasingly focusing on digital transformation and providing customized applications for employees, customers and partners. To gain a competitive edge, these business apps need to be developed in an agile manner, rolled out quickly and managed efficiently.

We specialize in app release processes and support companies in the secure and efficient design of the entire app lifecycle. Our services include consulting, implementation and individual solutions for various device environments. We plan and execute rollouts and monitor the app portfolio. In recent years, we have supported over 35,000 app deployments and currently support environments with more than 1,200 active apps, including 250 in-house apps.

Taking UEM security a step further: Endpoint Protection Service

Current studies show that people are already working with more than three different end devices on average. As the number and variety of devices increases, so does the risk of cyberattacks. Modern endpoint security solutions are required to effectively secure company networks. These can detect and analyze modern attacks and automatically initiate defensive measures. Securing end devices is one of the first steps towards increasing IT security, protecting data and avoiding business interruptions.

Our mobile security experts will work with you to evaluate your current security concept and develop suggestions for improvement. The focus is on the following aspects:

  • Secure access to applications and data across all end devices
  • Appropriate response to current threats
  • Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

UEM Services

  • Configuration: We help you to optimally configure your endpoints according to your company’s individual requirements to ensure performance and security.
  • Deployment/Rollout: We help you smoothly introduce new endpoints into your organization to minimize downtime and improve workflow.
  • Management: We provide ongoing management and monitoring of your endpoints to ensure they are always up to date and meet the required security standards.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for endpoint management that offers you the highest security standards, mobility and flexibility, as well as efficient management of your endpoints, SPIRIT/21 is the right partner for you. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you overcome your endpoint management challenges and prepare your organization for the future.

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