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Business Application Development

We work with you to develop the right application for your specialist area.

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Developing effective business applications

Developing customized business software solutions is a complex process that requires close collaboration between service provider and client, an agile and iterative approach and a strong focus on business value. At SPIRIT/21, we are at your disposal with many years of experience and extensive methodological and technical expertise to mold your use case into tailor-made business applications.

We have many years of experience and the necessary know-how, particularly in the area of process digitization of your production and development process. This allows you to automate data streams together with us. The analysis and processing of data encompasses a wide range of technologies, including predictive analytics, data mining, machine learning, NoSQL databases and methods for the automated recognition and use of patterns, correlations and meanings. Our team is also your competent partner when it comes to ensuring legal requirements for product liability and safety. With the help of predictive maintenance software, you can act proactively and minimize downtimes.

Process digitization: Our team of experts brings extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the automation of data streams in your production and development processes. With an understanding of your business requirements, we work with you to design processes and software that optimally meets your needs.

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Legal compliance and safety: As your trusted partner, we support you in ensuring that your production processes comply with legal requirements for product liability and safety. With our support, you can act proactively and significantly reduce the downtime of your systems.

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How do we look at your digitization needs?

A first step towards your perfect solution is our established requirements workshop. Together, we analyze the existing processes and roles of all parties involved in order to define specific requirements and goals for the software solution. This can also include the identification of processes that can be digitized.

Agile development at SPIRIT/21 enables flexible planning and processing of complex requirements and promotes an open feedback culture and continuous improvement. In every iteration, the focus is on you, the customer, and through close collaboration and regular communication, we ensure that the solution is created in a way that optimizes your business processes and increases your efficiency.

  • Domain know-how: Joint workshop to identify process and data handling challenges.
  • Methodological expertise: We moderate and advise the entire process from problem identification, solution development and support.
  • Incremental solution provision: Agile software development for rapid business added value in small steps.
  • DevOps: We are responsible for the software solution and keep it up-to-date with you.

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Nicole Schindler

Teamleiterin Business Application Development

Im Team Business Application Development entwickeln wir bedarfsorientiert maßgeschneiderte Softwarelösungen für unsere Kunden.

Nicole Schindler