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Hybrid Work

We make sure that your employees can work in the way that best suits their life and work needs.

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Blick auf drei Teammitglieder, die im Büro sitzen un remote an Computern arbeiten. Soll die Anpassungsfähigkeit von Dokumentenverwaltungstechnologien in hybriden Arbeitsumgebungen betonen | SPIRIT/21

New Work

Everything you need to know about hybrid working models

The way we work has changed dramatically in recent years. Working from home is the new standard, flexibility and mobility are in demand. The traditional workplace no longer exists; instead, your team works from anywhere - whether in the home office or in the office, in M365 or Google Workspace, cloud-based or connected to a traditional data center via VPN.

This hybrid form of working brings many advantages, but also new requirements for the provision of devices, applications and data and for IT security.

Advantages of hybrid working models:

  • More efficiency, higher productivity: Employees are free to choose their place of work, are therefore more flexible and work more productively.
  • More satisfaction, stronger commitment: The ability to use or choose their own devices increases employee satisfaction and retention (bring-and-choose-your-own-device models).
  • Shorter training period, fewer support requests: Using familiar devices reduces the time needed for familiarization and reduces support requests.
  • Lower costs, higher attractiveness: By implementing BYOD/CYOD models correctly, companies can reduce costs and increase their attractiveness as an employer.

Business solutions for Apple devices

We offer business solutions for Apple devices based on proven platforms such as Jamf. Jamf simplifies device management and offers numerous benefits to both employees and IT. It allows users to remain productive while IT can assume consistent device security, data protection and privacy - regardless of the location and network connection of the devices.

The Trusted Access Security platform integrates device management, user identity and secure connectivity with endpoint protection. In addition, we implement the Zero Trust Security Concept, which controls and verifies every access to corporate data.

Our services for the Smart Workplace:

  • Zero Touch Deployment: Fast, smooth deployment of devices, even in the home office, via automated set-up processes.
  • Device Management: Customization of profiles, guidelines and scripts for optimal device functionality. Automated troubleshooting thanks to “Smart Groups” technology.
  • App Management: Simple procurement and distribution of applications via Apple Business Manager and Jamf Pro.
  • Asset Management: Automatic collection of data on users, hardware, software and security features for a comprehensive overview.
  • Self-service: Set up an online store for users with selected apps and assistance to reduce support requests.
  • Security: Management of settings and configurations, protection against malware and automatic patch updates.

Solutions for a Deskless Workforce

When introducing hybrid working models, the focus is often on office workstations. However, we also consider deskless workers - in the field, in production, on construction sites or in logistics.

We offer special solutions for working environments with health or safety-related risks. The respective working environment is intelligently identified using various indicators such as location, movement or time of day. As soon as a relevant environment is identified, apps and functions are automatically activated or blocked based on existing company guidelines for as long as an employee is in the relevant working environment. If the environment changes, the authorizations also adapt in real time. This eliminates the risk of distraction from mobile devices and better protects employees without a dedicated desk.

By implementing our Smart Workplace solutions, companies can take full advantage of flexible working models while ensuring the security of their employees, devices, data and applications.

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