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We like to compare S/4HANA transformation projects to a rally in which we guide you successfully to the finish line and are your partner from training to start to finish.

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How to win you S/4HANA Rallye: ein Siegertreppchen, auf dem 1. Platz hält ein König (der Kunde) einen Pokal hoch, auf dem S/4HANA steht, daneben ein anderes Männchen im Blaumann. | SPIRIT/21

Successful and secure implementation of SAP S/4HANA

Switching to SAP S/4HANA is no Sunday outing - regardless of whether you are setting up the system from scratch or converting the existing system: You can expect a wild rally. As the driver, you have the steering wheel and gas pedal under control. As a co-driver, we provide you with the right tips and our pit crew prepares your vehicle optimally for each stage. In this way, we ensure that you win your personal S/4HANA rally and are your partner from training to the start to the finish.

To reach the finish line safely, it is important to complete the project with an experienced partner.

The right team for success

With a strong co-pilot who has already mastered many rallies, your S/4HANA project is in safe hands. With our expertise and experience, we know the hurdles and obstacles along the way and know exactly where you can step on the gas or where you should drive particularly carefully. This is how you get your project safely over the course and to the finish line.

While your team drives the rally, we take over the Support for your current systems and applications.

We understand SMEs

Transforming S/4HANA to meet your needs, individually and flexibly

As an IT service provider that has successfully supported and advised customers of all sizes, our focus is on SMEs. We do not offer huge strategy packages, but take you safely and efficiently from A to B. In our “pacenotes”, we bring with us all the knowledge and experience from successfully completed SAP S/4HANA transformations. We always keep your specific situation in mind. We use a structured, tried-and-tested approach that reflects the actual needs of your company and meets its specific requirements. With this modular building block model, we ensure that you successfully master the SAP S/4HANA Readiness Check.

Four stages to the finish line

Ready for the future

The transformation creates the basis for your business success, as your systems are ready for all future requirements.

And after the rally, or while your team is driving the rally, we already have an eye on the latest system updates and support you with SAP Application Management.

Do you also want to win your S/4HANA rally and need a strong partner?

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Steffen Enderle

Bereichsleiter ERP

Steffen is your competent and experienced partner when it comes to strategically deciding on a migration path to SAP S/4HANA and developing a concrete roadmap for your transformation project.

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