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Cyber regulation and cyber resilience

With the rapidly increasing threats in cyber space, cyber regulation and the requirements of companies in the area of cyber resilience are developing correspondingly quickly.

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Ein Schloss, welches Cyber-Sicherheit symbolisiert in Mitten eines Systems | SPIRIT/21

Using legal requirements in the area of IT security as an opportunity

Companies can use cyber regulation to increase their cyber resilience by improving their security measures and proactively protecting themselves against cyber attacks.

By complying with legal requirements and standards, such as the NIS2 directive and other relevant regulations, companies can strengthen their cyber security measures and increase their resilience to digital threats. It is important that companies not only focus on compliance, but use regulation as a guide to optimize their security strategies, minimize risks and implement effective measures to detect, respond and recover from security incidents.

By looking at regulatory requirements as an opportunity to improve their cyber resilience and taking appropriate action, organizations can increase their resilience to cyber attacks and better prepare for potential threats.

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