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Big Data Management

Our expertise in big data management makes it possible to transform your data into decision-relevant insights and thus actively shape the future of your company.

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Data analysis for big data

Big data management is a game changer for any business as it enables you to gain better insights from your data and make informed business decisions by harnessing large amounts of data. Through effective big data management, companies can not only optimize their operations, but also provide personalized customer experiences and develop innovative products and services that meet the needs of the market.

The areas of big data management

As an overarching discipline, big data management is a comprehensive field that encompasses various aspects such as data lake/data orchestration, data engineering, data analysis and data governance. Each of these aspects plays a crucial role in the management and utilization of big data.

Data Lake/Data Orchestration

Data Lake is a centralized repository where raw data is stored in its native format. Data orchestration refers to the efficient management and coordination of various data processing tasks within a data lake environment. It ensures that data workflows are executed in a timely and synchronized manner so that organizations can use their data effectively for analysis and decision making.

Data Engineering

Data engineering is the process of capturing and transforming large data sets from various disparate sources. Data engineers design and build pipelines that transform and transport data to deliver it in a state that can generate the right insights.

Data Analysis

Data analysis uses statistical methods to derive useful information from collected data to help in decision-making. By extracting, transforming and centralizing individual data, correlations and patterns can be identified and hypotheses validated. Methods such as data mining and predictive analytics are used to identify meaningful relationships, patterns, irregularities and trends in large volumes of raw data.

Data governance

Data governance refers to the set of processes, policies, standards and metrics that ensure the collection, management, use and protection of data in an organization. It helps to ensure data quality and security, check compliance with regulations and improve data accessibility. Data orchestration helps improve data governance by providing greater transparency into how data is managed.

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